dermaOXY is a brand from MedicTinedic ApS and is a Danish developed and produced skin care product that gives the skin its health back and counteracts wrinkles and dry skin with natural remedies.

dermaOXY's treatments and care products add moisture to the skin and scalp with the active hyaluronic acid, many antioxidants and an active vitamin supply that activates the skin's own cell and collagen production.

Product development began in 2007, and was presented on the Danish market in 2009. Today, dermaOXY treatment and our cream products are used in 23 countries.

WE have great respect for the skin's own structure, and will with our product show that anti-aging can be done without cosmetic procedures. That is why we use Oxygen - pure oxygen - in our treatment, whereby we delay the skin's aging process, stimulate the skin's elastin and collagen production.

dermaOXY is part of the future skin care and you see a difference already after the 1st treatment. Pamper your skin and feel the difference in the treatment at one of the many clinics that use dermaOXY.